Chemked-II is a multi-purpose post-processor for viewing and analyzing results of chemical kinetics simulation. Information needed for the program operation is stored in solver files that are created by the Chemked-I tools directly from databases under consideration. A solver file contains a reaction mechanism and relevant thermodynamic data. These files can be used in the Chemked solver to solve problems at different initial conditions for a given reaction set. The results are analyzed with Chemked-II tools using data from solver file. The post-processor output contains numerical and graphical information on mixture-averaged gas parameters, concentrations, mole and mass fractions of species. In addition, the post-processor gives the full information about reaction rates, reaction heat production rates and contributions of reactions to the species and temperature derivatives.

Chemked-II contains a program module for creating reduced reaction mechanism on the basis of numerical results previously obtained for full reaction system. Description of the reduction technique and sample problems can be found at: Reduced Reaction Kinetics.

The following screenshots present most important features of Chemked-II.

  • Fig.1 Post-processor output windows.
  • Fig.2 Windows for reduced reaction mechanism.

Chemked-II version 3.7 is distributed free of charge.

Click here to download Chemked-II 3.7

Chemked-II contains a solver file with the full GRI-Mech 3.0 reaction mechanism (53 species and 325 reactions). The file is ready to use in all tools of Chemked-II including solver where you can solve problems at different initial conditions. 


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